The new retail landscape brings about focus on social commerce, personalised experiences and the adoption of analytics & AI (Intelligence NodStude, 2022). Even before the pandemic, various articles have been published that retail is not dead, but is merely evolving.

The Omni-Channel Retail Centre (OCRC) comprises of an online lifestyle store - D’Studio, an AI-enabled unmanned convenience store and an e-commerce specialist lab. The centre also assists companies from a diverse range of industries to embark on their digital journey through a suite of services which include building online stores, branding, crafting social media strategy, social commerce and many more.

OCRC equips learners with key skills relevant to the needs of e-commerce and the retail industry. In addition to operating different business models (from brick and mortar stores to online platforms), learners work on projects to improve customer engagement via digital platforms for various SMEs.

Learning Experience

This is a 12-week practice-oriented attachment. During their attachment, learners are assigned various roles to enable the attainment of learning outcomes. Competencies are gained through the conduct of the project assigned, including:  

Management of online & offline platforms: 

- Learners manage online and offline store operations, merchandising, promotions and events.

Digital skills:

- Learners harness the use of technology for better operational efficiency in managing store operations.

Data analytics:

- Learners perform data and video analytics to measure the success of retail operations.  

Research methodologies: 

- Learners conduct brand research and create and curate online content.

Industry Solutions

OCRC provides a multitude of industry solutions, including: 

Retail Consultancy

- Creation of Pop-Up stores; testbed of new store concepts; brand research; vendor sourcing and negotiation; study of consumer behaviour trends and insights for increasing operational efficiency, engagement and conversion.   

Digital Solutions 

- Search Engine Optimisation; social media marketing; development of marketing campaigns & event management; data and video analytics; website content creation and curation, live streaming

Among OCRC's industry partners are Cheers, Tott, Nanyang Optical, among many other prominent retail brands. Through its various industry collaborations, OCRC has helped its partners in creating stronger brand awareness and  presence among its target consumers.