Internship Programme (ITP)

No polytechnic study experience is complete without the chance to take up an immersive internship.

At NYP’s School of Business Management (SBM), we believe in preparing our graduates for life and work in the real world. As such, students in their final year will get to intern with some of our partner business organisations for a period of 12 to 24 weeks, under our Internship Programme (ITP).

As a student intern, you will gain:

  • Practice-oriented and “hands-on” industry training to enhance your learning experience
  • Opportunities to develop the right work attitude, self-confidence and interpersonal and teamwork skills to perform well in an organisation
  • Opportunities to pick up operational, customer service and other work-related knowledge and soft skills
  • Pre-employment training opportunities – companies may potentially offer you employment before you graduate if they are impressed with your performance 

ITP Learning Outcomes

On completion of your internship, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the application of knowledge and skill sets acquired from the course of study and workplace in the assigned job function(s)
  • Solve workplace challenges by analysing the work environment and conditions, and using appropriate skill sets acquired from your course of study
  • Articulate career options by considering opportunities in the company, sector, and industry for professional and educational advancement
  • Communicate and collaborate effectively and appropriately with different professionals in the work environment
  • Exhibit critical thinking and problem solving skills by analysing underlying issue(s) to challenges
  • Demonstrate the ability to harness resources by analysing challenges and considering opportunities
  • Recommend ideas to improve work effectiveness and efficiency by analysing challenges and considering viable options
  • Demonstrate appreciation and respect for diverse groups of professionals by engaging different company stakeholders (e.g. colleagues, supervisors, suppliers etc.)
  • Exhibit professional ethics at work

Overseas Internship (OITP)

Students on the OITP will have work attachments at leading companies overseas for a period of up to 24 weeks. During this time, you will be trained in areas relating to your field of study, while learning to cultivate good work attitude and a practice-oriented mindset.

Exposure to a foreign environment, coupled with valuable skills you will pick up along the way will enhance your learning experience and make your time away from home a priceless one.

Some of the companies our students have interned at include Walt Disney World Resort in the United States, Ovolo and Marco Polo Hotels in Hong Kong, Saigon Co-op Fairprice Limited  in Vietnam, Walletku in Indonesia, Electrolux in Thailand, among others.

Frequently Asked Questions

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