Drawing the crowd to Canopy Park@Jewel : A Partnership with Changi Airport
School of Business Management

Jewel Changi is a gem of a destination in itself. Everyone has heard of or seen the feat of engineering that is the Rain Vortex. The challenge posed to our REM learners was, to increase visitorship to Canopy Park at the topmost level of Jewel. 90 Events Management students rose to this challenge, and they did so by crafting surveys to engage international tourists and to draft a proposal to meet the client’s objective. This experience exposed our learners to the likes, dislikes, travel habits and preferences of our international tourists. On the ground at Changi Airport to conduct face-to-face surveys, they managed to speak to a total of 1306 respondents. An unofficial competition was formed for the top three teams to present to Jewel Changi Airport. Not only did they apply what they learnt in class, they also thought out of the box by linking potential collaborations with relevant stakeholders such as Spiderman 4 movie, Disney+ and Madame Tussauds to add value to the event. Just when you thought that Jewel had it all…our learners managed to add that extra sparkle!