A Culinary Cruise to Remember
School of Business Management

Imagine setting sail aboard a 108 year old vessel with an award-winning Chef. That’s what our DFBB learners did and more. The Statsraad Lehmkuhl is one of Norway’s most beautiful and biggest ships. In conjunction with One Ocean Expedition and Team Norway, our learners had the once in a lifetime opportunity to experience working in the galley of a ship!

In an afternoon of immersive learning, our culinary learners worked alongside world renowned Chef Christian André Pettersen and his team. The Bocuse d’Or Bronze winner, was flown in from Norway by the Norwegian Seafood Council. The Bocuse d’Or is an unrivalled international event that inspires the world of gastronomy by highlighting the latest trends in world cuisine. A total of 30 learners from DFBB (Culinary Arts Specialisation) worked with Chef Christian – and they served up food to 35 of Singapore’s top chefs.