Soap for Hope, Linens for Life
School of Business Management

Did you know that hotels discard up to 500kg of linens for a hundred rooms? Soap for Hope and Linens for Life are two of the sustainable projects that the Year 1 DHTM students will undertake this semester. Large commercial premises such as hotels generate a substantial amount of waste. An average room in a hotel generates about 4kg of waste each day. Partnering with Accor and Diversey, students will learn how to convert hotel waste into usable items that can help improve the lives of the community in which the business operates in. This venture aims to understand how the end products will not only improve the hygiene level of rural communities in  developing countries, it may even create a sustainable livelihood for those communities. The training for the projects kicked-off on Friday, 30 October 2020. The challenge for the DHTM students? They have up to Week 17 to process 1000kg of soap waste and 500kg of condemned hotel linens.