#NextGen video winner Master Waster Chris
School of Business Management

On World News Day, 28 Sep, newsrooms around the world showcased how they were telling stories of the world’s climate change challenges. This competition, #NextGen Video Challenge: Telling the Climate Story, aimed to mark World News Day by highlighting the storytelling skills of young people. A team from NYP clinched first prize with their adorable and whimsical LEGO character Master Waster Chris. Celest Tan, Rene Tan, Ryan Tan and Ong Chin Wee from DMMM took on a light-hearted spin in relaying a serious message. Celest  explained that they wanted to be informative by injecting humour into their video. The idea for Master Waster Chris was a sudden inspiration that came the night before filming. This unexpected spur of creativity worked as the judges were charmed by this relatable and impulsive character. Through this experience, Celest and her team learnt how to translate a serious topic into a simple and creative video for everyone to enjoy.