Harnessing AI to help those in need
School of Business Management

A team of four DBF students clinched the merit prize for proposing an AI-driven social enterprise that provided nutritional food to beneficiaries, based on their dietary needs and medical conditions. Organised by Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) School of Business (SBIZ), the SUSS SBIZ Business Plan Competition 2021 was held on 24 July. It involved developing innovative business plans to address socio-economic challenges in Singapore. Chew En Lok Joseph, Kho Wei Shan, Cheong Xu Lin and Cheng Jun Wei’s social enterprise – Blitz Food – was committed to delivering nutritional food to all beneficiaries under their care, regardless of race, religion, gender, and social status. Team member, Kho Wei Shan shared: "I had the opportunity to create my own AI algorithm!“

The team used an in-house AI algorithm to help each beneficiary achieve the best-personalised diet based on their medical conditions and lifestyle habits. The algorithm would also predict demand and reduce inventory wastage, improving profitability and long-term sustainability.