Creating Moments of Wonder at the Children’s Museum
School of Business Management

Creating authentic and memorable experiences at Singapore’s First museum for kids under 12 is no Child’s Play. The Children’s Museum Singapore (CMSG) aims to educate kids on what daily life was like in olden Singapore as well as the wonders of nature through stories and interactive games. Learners from SDM, and DMMM collaborated on some of the exhibits at this exciting new offering from the National Heritage Board. Happy Birthday! a gallery that explores the topic of birthday practices in Singapore, highlights the joys of gifting and the importance of kinship.

Rene Tan, from DMMM, worked with her teammates to conceptualise, script and film four instructional cooking videos for the Happy Birthday! exhibit. These videos depict the common birthday must- haves from our various cultural groups.

Together with learners from SDM, who created the brochures and merchandise for visitors, our learners were excited to be part of this museum’s initiative to inspire awe and wonder in children and adults alike.