Triple Threat Challenge
School of Business Management

The pandemic has made many of us more sedentary, and our fitness and health may have taken a toll.

DSWM managed to secure a Virtual Fitness Challenge that was conceptualised, planned and executed by Sport Events Management students on 17 July 2021 virtually. They executed a qualifying process to select athletes to participate in the fitness challenge: participants had to complete 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats as fast as possible. The virtual fitness challenge was executed via Zoom, with 1-to-1 judging to prevent participants from cheating, and to ensure they completed the movements correctly. This was not the first time DSWM had organised virtual events to encourage and motivate everyone to exercise through online workshops and seminars. The students used their experience from past events in which they had volunteered, and applied their skills in organising this event. Though it was via Zoom, winners were awarded medals in recognition for their participation - testimony that we can still achieve our goals in spite of the challenges this year!