An Inside peek at the magic of Disney
School of Business Management

“We make magic.” That’s the motto at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

Interning at the “Happiest Place on Earth” - Walt Disney World Orlando, USA was a dream come true for our students. Kogilah Kallyn, Nellis Kong, Nicole Heng & Ng Yong Hui from the Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management, Pearlyn Loh from the Diploma in Business Management and Lee Jiajie from the Diploma in Sport & Wellness Management journeyed to Orlando, Florida, USA for a five-month internship attachment at Walt Disney World in Mar 2019.

They were attached to various departments such as attractions, quick service restaurants, and merchandise and costuming, depending on their course of study. Trying their hands at various aspects of the theme park operations, the students gained invaluable insights on the work and details happening behind-the-scenes in creating those magical moments.

Working side by side with experts in their field of study, they experienced what it takes to create world class experiences on a global scale at Disney. Our students were involved in the day to day tasks like supporting Resort initiatives, attending global meetings and interacting with a group of diverse individuals from different lines of business. They also get to support the technical operations, atmosphere shows, parades and special events at the park.