Start-up Success with the Global Entrepreneurship Internship Programme (GEIP)
School of Business Management

Mohammed Aizam’s team from DBM, Alpha Beta Tank, emerged a finalist in the GEIP. Tasked to solve a problem with a viable business model, Alpha Beta Tank was conceptualised to be home to a community of open-minded trailblazers: a place for start-ups to solve their testing needs and seek critical feedback for growing their businesses. Alpha Beta Tank understood that start-ups and businesses found it challenging to source for product and service feedback. As one of the finalists, Aizam’s team was awarded seed funding, and clinched the Best Business Pitch Award! This win was inspiring as Alpha Beta Tank had over 275 subscribers and 17 product posts from across three continents. Aizam shared: "It is incredibly exciting to be able to immediately apply the lessons learnt from my start-up internship to running something that could positively impact the community."