Creating A Prototype for Ernst and Young
School of Business Management

Rexley Oh, together with two IT polytechnic students, Dylan (NYP's Cybersecurity) and Se Thu (NP's Information Technology) created a prototype for the Financial Service Office (FSO) Tax department in Ernst & Young (EY). Posed with this problem statement “How am I (end user) able to obtain information (including FAQs, templates etc) in the quickest and most accurate way”, Rexley collaborated with the other interns to identify, create and implement an improved Knowledge Management System (KMS). This was no easy feat as, Rexley discovered, he had to communicate with many different teams such as the whole tax department and admin personnel to understand their needs and problems. Brainstorming, developing and prototyping, it was a challenge for the interns. The end product was a success. Rexley shared: “At the start of my internship, I did not expect myself to learn IT skills. However, through this project, I learnt how to develop a KMS from scratch.”