Teaching Enterprise Project (TEP)

About TEP

The Teaching Enterprise Project (TEP) is a unique pedagogy by the School of Business Management (SBM). TEP employs industry projects as platforms for students to apply their knowledge and deepen their skills through a learn-apply‐learn‐apply cycle. Located within the campus, each TEP business centre has a different operational focus catered to providing specific training for the variety of diplomas offered by SBM. Each cycle of attachment spans up to 21 weeks. Closely guided and mentored by experienced lecturers, the students are assessed based on both their technical proficiency as well as their ability to internalise and demonstrate 21st century skills such as leadership, professionalism and critical thinking. With over 150 industry projects to date, the TEP experience will provide our students with the competitive edge in their future careers and broaden their exposure to industry trends.

The Centres