Overseas Student Exchange Programme (OSEP)

The Overseas Student Exchange Programme (OSEP) is SBM’s platform to produce “global-ready” graduates. This programme allows SBM students to spend a semester at one of our 60 overseas partner Universities in 20 countries. OSEP not only provides opportunities for the students to network and forge friendships globally but also cultivates independence as well as experience different socio-cultural environments. Students can enhance their career prospects through exposure to global management, marketing and financial practices and at the same time earn academic credits towards attaining their NYP diplomas.

SBM also welcomes students from our partner universities who can choose to either attend a semester of classes or teaching enterprise work attachments in SBM. These foreign exchange students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture and also gain insight into the vibrant Singaporean lifestyle. We aim to provide a global learning environment for our students - by giving them the experience of interacting with their overseas student counterparts.

Overseas Student Learning Centres

NYP has established Overseas Student Learning Centres in cities such as Chengdu, Beijing and Harbin in China, as well as in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto in Japan. Students earn credits by attending General Studies Modules conducted at these learning centres over the duration of up to 2 weeks. In addition, Company visits and workshops are organised for the students, as well as cultural immersion experiences. The trips to the overseas learning centres provide students with a good appreciation of the business and socio-cultural environments of the cities that they are in.

Immersion Trips

Students will also have the opportunity to go on short study immersion trips to cities in USA, Europe and Asia where they will learn more about other cultures and the challenges of doing business in a global context. These immersion trips aim to inculcate a global mind-set among students as well as provide a platform to learn outside the classroom. During such trips, students will visit companies, attend seminars as well as interact with industry players.

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