Overseas Student Exchange Programme (OSEP)

Gain a broad, global perspective with the School of Business Management’s (SBM) Overseas Student Exchange Programme (OSEP). This programme equips you to be “global-ready”, as you spend a semester at one of our 65 partner universities located in 23 countries.

Your time away will be invaluable – you will learn how other countries handle global management, marketing, finance and other business practices while earning academic credits. Living in a foreign land, you will build independence, gain a deeper understanding of different cultures and forge new friendships.

Under the OSEP, students from our partner universities are also welcome to attend a semester of classes or teaching enterprise work attachments at SBM. Our foreign exchange students will get the opportunity to learn all about Singapore’s culture first-hand and enjoy our vibrant lifestyle. We aim to provide our students a global learning environment, by giving them the chance to interact with students from different countries.

Overseas Programme Centres

If you are looking for a shorter stint, look no further than our Overseas Student Learning Centres, located in cities such as Chengdu, Beijing and Harbin in China, as well as Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto in Japan. Earn study credits by spending up to two weeks attending General Studies module classes at one of these centres. You can also participate in company visits and workshops and enjoy cultural immersion experiences. A trip to one of these centres will give you a good understanding of the business and socio-cultural environment of the city you are in.

Overseas Educational Trips

As an SBM student, you will have the chance to go on discipline-based immersion trips to cities in the US, Europe and Asia to learn more about the cultures and the challenges of doing business in a global context. You will visit companies, interact with industry players and attend seminars related to your field of study.

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